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Correcting spelling errors

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 matchupdate = re.compile(
     r'''^(?:\s*\n)?                    # zero or more empty lines
-    (?P<list>(\*\s+)|(\d+\.\s+)|\s*)?  # optionaly include a list or indent
+    (?P<list>(\*\s+)|(\d+\.\s+)|\s*)?  # optionally include a list or indent
     (?P<level>\#{1,6})[ \t]*           # one or more number signs
     update\b                           # "update" (case insensitive)
     (?P<metadata>[^\n]+)\n+            # date, time, and time zone
         source = self._pluckhandcraftedexcerpt()
         updates = []
-        intersperced = ""
+        interspersed = ""
         MANGO_PLACEHOLDER = "MangoUpdatePlaceholderxxz"
         for nonsection, section in itersections(source):
-            intersperced += nonsection
+            interspersed += nonsection
             match = matchupdate(section)
             if match:
-                intersperced +='list') or ''
-                intersperced += MANGO_PLACEHOLDER + '\n'
+                interspersed +='list') or ''
+                interspersed += MANGO_PLACEHOLDER + '\n'
                 update = renderupdate(self, match)
                 if update:
             if section:
-                intersperced += section
+                interspersed += section
                 self._excerpt += self._convert(section) + '\n'
-        self.html += self._convert(intersperced)
+        self.html += self._convert(interspersed)
         # We will only sometimes have it wrapped in <p> tags, rely on the <div> for formatting
         self.html = self.html.replace('<p>' + MANGO_PLACEHOLDER + '</p>', MANGO_PLACEHOLDER)
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