David Chambers committed 897fe52

Added `ip_address` to `create_post` arguments. This is useful as Disqus allows blacklisting by IP address.

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 import hashlib
 import os
 import re
+import urllib
 import disqus
                         message = form.cleaned_data['message']
                         subscribe = form.cleaned_data['subscribe']
+                        try:
+                            ip_address = urllib.urlopen('').readlines()[0]
+                        except:
+                            ip_address = None
                         # send request to Disqus
-                        comment = dsq.create_post(forum=forum, thread=thread, message=message,
+                        comment = dsq.create_post(forum, thread, message=message, ip_address=ip_address,
                                 author_name=author_name, author_email=author_email, author_url=author_url)
                         # store comment so that it can be displayed to the author even if withheld for moderation