David Chambers avatar David Chambers committed a50907a

Removed call to `reset` (and moved call to `convert`) to allow excerpts to inherit link definitions, fixing issue #7. (Python-Markdown's caching of link definitions actually proved useful!)

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             snippet = re.sub(RE['excerpt_pipes'], u'', capture)
             contents = contents.replace(capture, snippet)
-        md.reset()
-        self.excerpt = md.convert('\n\n'.join(snippets))
         # updates
         split = re.split(RE['update'], contents)
             self.html += fragment
         self.body = re.sub(RE['skip'], '', self.body)
         self.html = mark_safe(re.sub(RE['skip'], '', self.html))
-        self.excerpt = mark_safe(self.excerpt) or self.html
+        # excerpts inherit link definitions
+        self.excerpt = mark_safe(md.convert('\n\n'.join(snippets))) or self.html
         self.type = self.meta.get('type', 'post' if self.datetime else 'page')
         # attach comments thread
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