Documentation update to explain file node in nuspec

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Justin Schwartzenberger
created an issue

Can the documentation be updated to include instructions on adding the file node to the nuspec file for including the content\App_Start*.cs.pp file(s)? It looks like that is required to get the code file(s) included in the NuGet package that gets built, but I didn't see a mention of it in the docs ( or some of the posts out there explaining how to use it.


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  1. David Ebbo repo owner

    I think that actually depends on how you're building the package. If you build it directly from the nuspec file, then this should not be needed, since all Content files are automatically included.

    OTOH, if you build it from the csproj file, then it's only included if you add the .pp file to your project as a Content file.

    Does that make sense? I could put a note in the doc, but since there are multiple workflows to create packages, that could quickly get messy and off topic. :)

  2. Justin Schwartzenberger reporter

    Ok, this is what I ran into. I have an existing NuGet package that I build off of a .nuspec file. The .nuspec file already has a files node. Looks like all the content files are automatically included as long as you don't have a files node in your .nuspec file.

    More of a NuGet understanding issue than a WebActivator specific understanding. Looks like the Nuspec Reference ( makes it pretty clear about this convention but the Creating and Publishing a Package ( description isn't as clear.

    Maybe a small note with a link to the Nuspec Reference docs to see how the file(s) gets included in the package?

    BTW, thanks for this package! Using it as part of a MVC 3 site NuGet package to add Views, web.config transforms, and a custom routes builder (via WebActivator) to new VS project instances of web sites. Makes adding new web sites for clients a piece of cake!

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