Signals Project

A library of digital signal processing classes.

Getting Started

Clone the project along with its requisite projects to their respective relative path. All projects are installed relative to a common path.


The following projects are also required:
Core - Core Project
Share - Shared snippets
* Signals - Signals Project

git clone
git clone
git clone


Install the projects into the following folders:

Projects relative path



The project includes a few unit test classes. Test applications are under the Apps solution folder.


Deployment projects have not been created for this project.

Built, Tested and Facilitated By


  • David Hary - Initial Workarounds - ATE Coder


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the [] file at ( for details


Revision Changes

  • Version 4.0.6166 11/18/16 Uses VS 2015.
  • Version 3.0.5133 01/20/14 Replaces invalid scale factor exception and null spectrum densities exception and spectrum. Scales exception with Invalid operation exception. Documents return values for functions. Removes interfaces. Removes the validation outcome construct. Removes the convergence exception. Replaces dimension mismatch with argument out of range exception. Sets assembly product to 2014.