Lenard Lindstrom committed 033ffed

Another libtiff build fix for msvcr90.dll

Well, changeset 0130d0497e6a did not quite work. It turns out libtiff
needs the port directory built as well on Windows. Use the Makefile
environment variable SUBDIRS to select directories instead. This is
much more elegant.

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 # Only build the library; the tools can be built, but do not install
 # for msvcr90.dll because of a strange linker error.
-export BDWD="$BDWD/libtiff"
+bd_subdirs="port libtiff"
 cd "$BDWD"
 if [ x$BDCONF == x1 ]; then
-  # Run in parent tiff distribution directory
-  cd ..
   ./configure --disable-cxx --prefix="$PREFIX" LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS"
   # check for MSYS permission errors
       echo '**** MSYS problems; build aborted.'
       exit 1
-  cd "$BDWD"
 if [ x$BDCOMP == x1 ]; then
-  make
+  make SUBDIRS="$bd_subdirs"
 if [ x$BDINST == x1 ]; then
-  make install
+  make install SUBDIRS="$bd_subdirs"
 if [ x$BDSTRIP == x1 ]; then
 if [ x$BDCLEAN == x1 ]; then
   set +e
-  make clean
+  make clean SUBDIRS="$bd_subdirs"
   rm -f libtiff.dll.a
   rm -f libtiff.dll