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illume  committed 22efec0

Fixes for python3.2 on OS X.

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File examples/macosx/aliens_app_example/aliens.py

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 #see if we can load more than standard BMP
 if not pygame.image.get_extended():
-    raise SystemExit, "Sorry, extended image module required"
+    raise SystemExit("Sorry, extended image module required")
 #game constants
         surface = pygame.image.load(file)
     except pygame.error:
-        raise SystemExit, 'Could not load image "%s" %s'%(file, pygame.get_error())
+        raise SystemExit('Could not load image "%s" %s'%(file, pygame.get_error()))
     return surface.convert()
 def load_images(*files):
         sound = pygame.mixer.Sound(file)
         return sound
     except pygame.error:
-        print 'Warning, unable to load,', file
+        print ('Warning, unable to load,', file)
     return dummysound()
     # Initialize pygame
     if pygame.mixer and not pygame.mixer.get_init():
-        print 'Warning, no sound'
+        print ('Warning, no sound')
         pygame.mixer = None
     # Set the display mode

File examples/macosx/macfont.py

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                 self._isBold and 'Bold' or '',
                 self._isOblique and 'Oblique' or '')
         self._font = NSFont.fontWithName_size_(name, self._size)
-        print name, self._font
+        print (name, self._font)
         if self._font is None:
             if self._isBold:
                 self._font = NSFont.boldSystemFontOfSize(self._size)