Lenard Lindstrom  committed d55c9fb

Update Windows dependency build toolchain for SDL 1.2.15

Confirm does build SDL 1.2.15. Update documentation to new
SDL version.

Reduce the amount of work the does in building SDL. Only
build a shared library, since msvcr90.dll linked libraries are now built
directly: see changeset 1c621f6b9aac. Also, only install only those parts of
the SDL build needed in the prebuilt directory.

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 This program has been tested against the following libraries:
-SDL 1.2(.14+) hg changeset c5d651a8b679
+SDL 1.2.15
 SDL_image 1.2(.10+) hg changset 45748e6e2f81
 SDL_mixer 1.2.12 hg changeset b455bc681654
 SDL_ttf 2.0.11 hg changeset d9a600fa3c4a
   if [ ! -f "./configure" ]; then
-  # Prevent libtool deadlocks (maybe).
-  ./configure --disable-libtool-lock --prefix="$PREFIX" --disable-stdio-redirect \
+  ./configure --prefix="$PREFIX" --disable-static --disable-stdio-redirect \
   # check for MSYS permission errors
 if [ x$BDINST == x1 ]; then
-  make install
+  make install-bin install-hdrs install-lib
   # Make SDL_config_win32.h available for prebuilt and MSVC
   cp -f "$HOME/include/SDL_config_win32.h" "$PREFIX/include/SDL"

File prebuilt-template/readme90.html

 The dependencies were compiled and linked with MinGW 4.6.1.
 See the wiki at <a href=""></a> for details.
 Binaries were stripped, <tt>strip --strip-all</tt>, to reduce size.
-They are linked to the Windows C runtime library msvcr90.dll which comes with Python.
+They are linked to the Windows C runtime library msvcr90.dll that is installed with Python.
 The list shows the library versions contained in prebuilt as well as links to their source bundles.
-        <td><a href="">SDL 1.2.14+ hg changeset c5d651a8b679</a></td>
-        <td>hg clone -u c5d651a8b679 SDL-1.2.14</td>
+        <td><a href="">SDL 1.2.15</a></td>
+        <td><a href=""></a></td>