FrinkBot allows you to run Frink programs over IRC.


Assuming PircBot' is installed, build FrinkBot:

$ ant

After editing config.ini, run FrinkBot:

$ bin/frinkbot.sh config.ini

Talk to FrinkBot:

<david> ~ Fahrenheit[451] -> Celsius
<FrinkBot> 232.77777777777777778

<david> ~ 720 Yen -> "USD"
<FrinkBot> 9.202608 USD

<david> ~ map[{|x| messageDigest[x, "MD5"]}, ["hello", "world"]]
<FrinkBot> [5d41402abc4b2a76b9719d911017c592, 7d793037a0760186574b0282f2f435e7]


This project is available on GitHub and Bitbucket. You may contribute changes using either.

Please report bugs and feature requests using the GitHub issue tracker.

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