PircBot' (this project; pronounced "PircBot prime") is a framework for writing IRC bots in Java. In particular, this project is a fork of jibble.org's PircBot (version 1.5.0). This project adds to PircBot:

  • SSL support
  • The ConfigurablePircBot class, allowing IRC bots to be configured easily
  • A build system using Apache Ant and Apache Ivy
  • Other minor improvements


PircBot' can be installed by typing:

$ ant

This makes the PircBot' library available to projects that depend on it through Ivy. The library can also be used via the resulting build/artifacts/pircbot.jar file.

For general documentation on using PircBot' once it's installed, see the jibble.org PircBot website. See ReminderBot' for an example of how to use the new features provided by PircBot'.


This project is available on GitHub and Bitbucket. You may contribute changes using either.

Please report bugs and feature requests using the GitHub issue tracker.