1. David Lazar
  2. ReminderBot



ReminderBot' (this project; pronounced "ReminderBot prime") is a fork of the jibble.org ReminderBot. ReminderBot' is based on PircBot'.


Assuming PircBot' has been installed, ReminderBot' can be built by typing:

$ ant

After editing config.ini, run ReminderBot' as follows:

$ bin/reminderbot.sh config.ini

Once in IRC, ReminderBot' is activated by saying:

<david> remind me in 40 minutes to pickup the laundry
<ReminderBot> david: Okay, I'll remind you about that on Sat Feb 18 03:34:41 CST 2012


This project is available on GitHub and Bitbucket. You may contribute changes using either.

Please report bugs and feature requests using the GitHub issue tracker.