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This file contains a listing of possible future changes for the plugin. A given change being listed does not mean that the change will be made in a particular time frame, or even that it will ever be made. Changes are separated into 3 groups based loosely on GTD.


Items in this group are either under active development, or will likely be under active development soon. Most items in this list should make it into the next feature release.

  • Write README
  • Add javadocs


Items in this group are not under active development, but are intended to be included in one of the next two feature releases.

  • Add a LessExtension to allow configuring default encoding/compress settings
  • Extend SourceSet to add ability to configure the less directory

Maybe Someday

Items in this group are not under active development, and it's unclear of when (if ever) they will be.

  • Possibly register imports as inputs. It isn't clear to me yet what impact this would have.