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todo: add layout and markdown as ideas

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 * Add a `buildSite` task.
 	* Makes it easy to build the site for testing purposes without publishing.
 	* Maybe add it as a dependency of `build`?
+* Add layout support
+    * A minimalistic solution might just use Gradle resource filtering in some way
+    * Maybe integrate [SiteMesh](http://sitemesh.org)?
 ## Maybe Someday
 Items in this group are not under active development, and it's unclear of when (if ever) they will be.
+* Add support for [Markdown](http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/)
 * Integration with [gradle-js-plugin](https://github.com/eriwen/gradle-js-plugin)
 	* The type or level of integration that might be desirable hasn't yet been determined.
 * Integration with [gradle-css-plugin](https://github.com/eriwen/gradle-css-plugin)