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docs: note the need to configure a snapshot repository

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-h4. First, install the plugin by adding a dependency in @BuildConfig.groovy@ (replace VERSION with the desired version):
+h4. Installation
+Install the plugin by adding the following to your @BuildConfig.groovy@ (replace @VERSION@ with the desired version):
+repositories {
+    ...
+    mavenRepo ''
 plugins {
-   ...
-   runtime ':mongeez:VERSION'
+    ...
+    runtime ':mongeez:VERSION'
+The repository is currently needed because the plugin currently depends on a snapshot version of [Mongeez|].  It is expected that the need to configure a snapshot repository will be eliminated in a future release.
 h4. Changelog Creation
 Next, you'll need to create some changelogs.  Currently two formats are supported; JavaScript or XML.  The Javascript