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Below is the history of Page Resource plugin releases.

h4. 0.2.0 (Release XXX)
* Updated dependency on resources plugin to 1.2.RC2
* New configuration option to enable bundling within page resource modules ( "Issue #6":https://github.com/davidmc24/grails-page-resources/issues/6 )
* Added support for running in a non-expanded WAR ( "Issue #3:https://github.com/davidmc24/grails-page-resources/issues/3 )

h4. 0.1.2 (Released 7-31-2012)
* Fixed IllegalArgumentException on unsupported files in pages directory ( "Issue #2":https://github.com/davidmc24/grails-page-resources/issues/2 )
* Fixed loading of new page resource files ( "Issue #4":https://github.com/davidmc24/grails-page-resources/issues/4 )

h4. 0.1.1 (Released 7-18-2012)
* Fixed IllegalArgumentException on Windows ( "Issue #1":https://github.com/davidmc24/grails-page-resources/issues/1 )

h4. 0.1 (Released 7-17-2012)
* Initial release