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David Carr  committed 1b66c15

build: start exporting spring-webflow again

This is a backout of fa6fac5df9abc3ca3ce398566593907bd4209c63.
As reported by Matt Hurne, not exporting this dependency causes compilation
failures for Grails projects that don't use the webflow plugin and don't
have any other dependnencies on spring-webflow.


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File grails-app/conf/BuildConfig.groovy

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     dependencies {
-        build("org.springframework.webflow:spring-webflow:2.3.1.RELEASE") {
-            export = false
-        }
+        build("org.springframework.webflow:spring-webflow:2.3.1.RELEASE")
     plugins {

File src/docs/guide/releaseNotes.gdoc

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 Below is the history of Page Resource plugin releases.
 h4. 0.2.3 (Next release)
-* Features TBD
+* Backout "Don't export dependency on spring-webflow"
 h4. 0.2.2 (Released 12-10-2012)
 * Don't export dependency on spring-webflow ( "Bitbucket Pull Request #1":https://bitbucket.org/davidmc24/grails-page-resources/pull-request/1 )