Role of the provisioner

The provisioner is designed to be executed remotely, and to bootstrap the execution of a remote jsh script. jsh scripts can also be executed remotely, but jrunscript is required to be installed locally in order to launch them. Thus, the provisioner checks whether the desired version of the Java Development Kit (JDK) is installed, and if it is not, installs it before executing the remote jsh script.

On OS X, since the JDK has a GUI installer, when Java is not present, the provisioner launches the JDK installer and exits. After installing Java, a second run of the provisioner will run the remote jsh script.

Using the provisioner

Sample command (unprotected remote script)

For a remote script hosted at a reachable URL, a single command can be used to launch the script. The provisioner must be provided the URL of the remote script as the INONIT_PROVISION_SCRIPT_JSH environment variable. Here is a sample command that runs a test script from the provisioner repository.

curl -s -L \

Sample command (protected remote script)

The provisioner also supports scripts that are protected by HTTP basic authentication. In order to use such a script, the INONIT_PROVISION_USER environment variable must be defined as the user name; this will trigger the remote script to prompt for the password. Because the password will be read by the script from standard input, the remote provisioner must be written to a temporary file and then executed from there (which makes the command somewhat longer). (Note that this sample command will not work, as the repository is private.)

    export TMP_INSTALLER=$(mktemp); 
    export INONIT_PROVISION_USER=davidpcaldwell; 
    curl -s -L -o $TMP_INSTALLER; 
    chmod +x $TMP_INSTALLER; 

Configuring the provisioner

Other environment variables affect the behavior of the provisioner. For unprotected remote scripts these can be supplied to the shell; for protected remote scripts, they can be supplied along with the other environment values.

  • INONIT_PROVISION_VERSION=[commit, tag or bookmark] (defaults to tip)
  • INONIT_SLIME_VERSION=[commit, tag or bookmark] (defaults to tip)