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Issue #158 resolved
David P. Caldwell repo owner created an issue


  1. Get jsh build with JSH_BUILD_NOUNIT=true working with Nashorn-based loader while build with JSH_ENGINE=rhino and JSH_BUILD_TOMCAT_HOME defined still passing
  2. Get jsh build working while build with JSH_ENGINE=rhino and JSH_BUILD_TOMCAT_HOME still passing
  3. Add JSH_BUILD_TOMCAT_HOME and get jsh httpd tests working by modifying test suite to always launch httpd-based tests using Rhino
  4. Get jsh httpd tests also working with Nashorn-based loader by migrating servlet to engine-agnostic code and roll back change running them under Rhino

Other steps:

  • Get debugger working with Nashorn-based scripts
  • Get profiler working with Nashorn-based scripts and figure out what to do with Rhino-based profiler
  • Convert launcher to Nashorn
  • Get unbuilt command working under Nashorn
  • jsh/etc/suite.jsh.js will not work under Nashorn

Possible further work:

  • Build Nashorn-only installer

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