In native launcher, locate Java at runtime

Issue #56 closed
David P. Caldwell repo owner created an issue

Blocking issue #21

Currently, on UNIX, Java is located at link time and -rpath is used to build the executable.

On Windows, Java is linked at runtime by the operating system using the PATH variable, meaning that the appropriate jvm.dll must be in the PATH.

Both are suboptimal. See jsh.c for details.

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  1. David P. Caldwell reporter

    Mac OS X and Linux now both find the Java executable using the JSH_JAVA_HOME and JAVA_HOME environment variables, falling back to using the PATH variable. Windows native launcher is currently unimplemented.

  2. David P. Caldwell reporter

    Closing this issue because the UNIX portions have been satisfied and issue #169 can represent the Windows portion.

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