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Things to think about that are insufficiently specific to be treated as issues.

  • Tests for backward compatibility when running a source distribution. We can check out old code and run the tests and make sure they still pass.

  • Loader improvements

    • Consider deprecating, jsh.loader.file, jsh.loader.module,, inonit.loader.file, inonit.loader.module and replace with…) etc. and no replacement for browser (Loader constructor)
    • Consider merging and inonit.loader.value and making the inonit.loader.value behavior the default
  • MIME and Resource improvements

    • Need to go through the various places touched by the concept of resource and think through how to handle MIME types.
    • Probably need to add a MIME package for creating MIME multipart requests and guessing MIME types from names and content
    • Probably also need a MIME message parser
    • Should plug MIME message parser into the servlet package to handle things like file uploads
  • The JSH_SCRIPT_CLASSPATH and JSH_PLUGINS concept both can add Java classes to the classpath, but do so differently. Should JSH_PLUGINS add all classes to the jsh loader classloader and should we remove the concept of JSH_SCRIPT_CLASSPATH? For example, scripts that attempt to load JavaMail as a plugin fail when sending some messages with the "No object DCH" error. (The JavaMail issue may have been fixed in a subsequent release by loading classes using a better ClassLoader implementation.)

  • Launcher improvements

    • Idea: C launcher could invoke Java command and somehow detach it, rather than linking to the JVM
    • Idea: launcher could be invoked by C launcher and return data, which then could be used to invoke other launcher, so C launcher could get away without implementing the logic of the Java launcher but not produce a subprocess
    • get jsh launcher to run a program to get settings and then launch jsh; one Java process, not two
    • Idea: Launcher is already loading and preprocessing code; could send it to the loader through stdin, possibly, although then the loader would have to know when the code ended and something else began.
  • Profiler improvements

    • It appears it should be possible to use the profiler without Javassist, and profile only script methods
    • Consider providing backtraces for hotspots
  • Servlet improvements

    • Provide the ability to implement a server without Tomcat or the Servlet API being installed
    • Make sure that support for HTTP and HTTPS is provided by the jsh servlet plugin integration with Tomcat