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slime / Initiatives

Create better HTML management

Would like to replace jsapi model used by tests with a new, universal HTML parsing model. Should be trying to advance loader/api/test/new-document-implementation.jsh.js.

Improve testing structure

Improve testability of jrunscript unit tests

Document new structure of tests, including the split between suite.jsh.js and jrunscript.jsh.js

Restructure browser tests

  • Create (if needed; document if not) a way to isolate certain browser tests in a suite to be run

Separate contributor-related code

Get SLIME running on GraalVM

Get unit tests running

env JSH_ENGINE=graal xJSH_DEBUG_SCRIPT=graal SLIME_UNIT_JSH_UNBUILT_ONLY=true ./jsh.bash contributor/jrunscript.jsh.js

Get $api tests running

See #328.

Above with -part \$api

Get jsh build working

JVisualVM does not work

See GraalVM Known Issues.