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Engine Support

Nashorn is being considered for deprecation, according to JEP 335 (see also InfoQ). GraalVM is being proposed as the alternative for writing hybrid Java/JavaScript applications. It is important to begin investigating GraalVM's capabilities to see how SLIME could run on it. See this Twitter discussion for some useful information.

Older Proposed Releases (obsolete?)

The release will center around ease of deployment.

  • HTTP delivery of scripts; allowing execution over the Internet
  • Add support for CoffeeScript (#141)
  • Improved pre-release automated testing


The 0.0.5 release will solidify the API and documentation. It will include:

  • The ability to bootstrap the shell when the code is hosted on an HTTP server
  • Easier development of API tests
  • Adding support for Nashorn (#158)
  • Better native launcher; see #21, #56, and #58.