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Core specification


  • Outputs the DHTML GUI (=HTML + JavaScript + linked jQuery + jQueryTable files)
  • Performs the actual transformation, the most simple version of which is:
<xsl:for-each select="//Sense">
<tr><td><xsl:value-of select="../../Lexeme/@Form"/></td><td><xsl:value-of select="Gloss/text()"/></td></tr>

  • Lurks in the background looking out for new Lexicon.XML files, then copies them to the glossy folder, inserting the transforming XSL statement as it does so.


  • Convenience for Windows. Just starts working. Other operating systems can navigate to the glossy folder then type python

Still to do


Section: /Entries/item*

  1. Differentiate on /Entries/item/Lexeme/Entry/Type as well as recording the @Form
    1. Options are:
      1. Word
      2. Stem
      3. Prefix
      4. Suffix
    2. Could use a conditional <xsl:if>

Section: /Analyses (PT 7.3+)

  1. Also do something with the /item/string

Add in reference information

Several people have asked to have a display of all the places where a word occurs. This could be useful for all sorts of purposes. Essentially it's turning glossy into a concordance with glosses.

Milt Jones: I was talking with another consultant, and he asked if he could get a list of from Glossy of where a given gloss is used. Theoretically this is not that hard because we have the list of glosses in PROJ\Lexicon.xml and all the occurrences in PROJ\Interlinear_XXX\Interlinear_XXX_BBB.xml It would probably make sense to merge all the Interlinear_XXX_BBB.xml files into one big one because 1) It would allow sorting by “Sense Id” and “Gloss” 2) It would allow elimination of duplicate glosses 3) It would allow pulling a “list” of BBBCCCVVV where glossA is used for formZ.

I would envision Glossy looking something like this

AaWhat?Gen 3:41, 16:18; Exo 5:13…
BaNotRev 1:3

It would certainly take some time but it seems feasible to me.


  1. Instead of using frames, use one page that then loads dynamically:
    1. A menu of projects
    2. The appropriate Lexicon.XML and transforms it when a project is chosen.