David Stone avatar David Stone committed dc05ded

Added string conversions to Pokemon Lab simulator casts.

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 // along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
 #include "conversion.hpp"
+#include <string>
 #include "id.hpp"
 #include "../../gender.hpp"
 #include "../../move/moves.hpp"
 #include "../../pokemon/species.hpp"
+#include "../../string_conversions/conversion.hpp"
 namespace technicalmachine {
 namespace pl {
+std::string simulator_cast<std::string, Species>(Species const & species) {
+	return to_string(species);
+Species simulator_cast<Species, std::string>(std::string const & str) {
+	return from_string<Species>(str);
 Species simulator_cast<Species, ID<Species>>(ID<Species> const & id) {
 	constexpr static Species species_converter [] = {
 		// Generation 1
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