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Technical Machine / source / pokemon / active_pokemon.hpp

// Flags for the active Pokemon
// Copyright (C) 2012 David Stone
// This file is part of Technical Machine.
// Technical Machine is free software: you can redistribute it and / or modify
// it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as
// published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the
// License, or (at your option) any later version.
// This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
// GNU Affero General Public License for more details.
// You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
// along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.


#include <cstdint>

#include "collection.hpp"
#include "confusion.hpp"
#include "embargo.hpp"
#include "encore.hpp"
#include "heal_block.hpp"
#include "magnet_rise.hpp"
#include "partial_trap.hpp"
#include "perish_song.hpp"
#include "rampage.hpp"
#include "slow_start.hpp"
#include "stockpile.hpp"
#include "substitute.hpp"
#include "taunt.hpp"
#include "toxic.hpp"
#include "uproar.hpp"
#include "vanish.hpp"
#include "yawn.hpp"

#include "../random_damage.hpp"
#include "../rational.hpp"

#include "../bide/bide.hpp"

#include "../stat/chance_to_hit.hpp"
#include "../stat/stage.hpp"

namespace technicalmachine {
class Ability;
class Move;
class Pokemon;
class Rational;
class Weather;

class ActivePokemon {
		operator Pokemon const & () const;
		operator Pokemon & ();
		template<typename... Args>
		Move const & move(Args&&... args) const {
			return get_pokemon().move(std::forward<Args>(args)...);
		template<typename... Args>
		Move const & regular_move(Args && ... args) const {
			return get_pokemon().move.regular_move(std::forward<Args>(args)...);
		template<typename... Args>
		Move & regular_move(Args && ... args) {
			return get_pokemon().move.regular_move(std::forward<Args>(args)...);
		MoveCollection const & all_moves() const;
		MoveCollection & all_moves();
		// Not for variables that give a message at the end of the turn, this is
		// just for some book-keeping variables.
		void reset_end_of_turn();
		void reset_switch();
		void reset_between_turns();
		void clear_field();
		void update_before_move();
		void use_substitute();
		Ability const & ability() const;
		void ability(Ability::Abilities update);
		void attract();
		void awaken(bool value);
		bool can_awaken() const;
		Rational awaken_probability() const;
		bool aqua_ring_is_active() const;
		void activate_aqua_ring();
		bool is_baton_passing() const;
		void baton_pass();
		bool cannot_be_koed() const;
		bool charge_boosted() const;
		void charge();
		bool can_confuse_with_chatter() const;
		bool is_confused() const;
		void confuse();
		void handle_confusion();
		bool critical_hit() const;
		void set_critical_hit(bool value);
		// Returns probability of a CH if getting a CH, the complement otherwise
		Rational critical_probability() const;
		void curse();
		bool is_cursed() const;
		bool defense_curled() const;
		void defense_curl();
		void use_destiny_bond();
		void activate_embargo();
		void decrement_embargo();
		bool is_encored() const;
		void activate_encore();
		void increment_encore();
		void endure();
		void faint();
		bool flash_fire_is_active() const;
		void activate_flash_fire();
		bool flinched() const;
		void flinch();
		void focus_energy();
		void fully_trap();
		Gender const & gender() const;
		bool heal_block_is_active() const;
		void activate_heal_block();
		void decrement_heal_block();
		bool leech_seeded() const;
		void hit_with_leech_seed();
		void clear_leech_seed();
		bool is_loafing() const;
		void decrement_lock_in();
		bool locked_on() const;
		void lock_on_to();
		void identify();
		bool imprisoned() const;
		void imprison();
		PokemonCollection::index_type index() const;
		bool ingrained() const;
		void ingrain();
		Item const & item() const;
		Item & item();
		bool is_fully_paralyzed() const;
		unsigned level() const;
		void lower_pp(Ability const & target);
		bool magnet_rise_is_active() const;
		void activate_magnet_rise();
		void decrement_magnet_rise();
		bool me_first_is_active() const;
		bool minimized() const;
		bool missed() const;
		void set_miss(bool value);
		void set_moved(bool value = true);
		bool moved() const;
		bool moved_since_switch() const;
		void activate_mud_sport();
		Species name() const;
		Nature const & nature() const;
		bool nightmare() const;
		void give_nightmares();
		void partially_trap(bool extended);
		void partial_trap_damage();
		void activate_perish_song();
		void perish_song_turn();
		bool can_be_phazed() const;
		unsigned power_of_mass_based_moves() const;
		bool power_trick_is_active() const;
		void activate_power_trick();
		void protect();
		void break_protect();
		void activate_rampage();
		bool recharging() const;
		bool recharge();
		void use_recharge_move();
		bool is_roosting() const;
		void roost();
		bool shed_skin_activated() const;
		void shed_skin(bool value);
		Rational shed_skin_probability() const;
		void increase_sleep_counter();
		bool slow_start_is_active() const;
		bool sport_is_active(Move const & foe_move) const;

		Stat const & hp() const;
		Stat & hp();
		Stat const & atk() const;
		Stat & atk();
		Stat const & def() const;
		Stat & def();
		Stat const & spa() const;
		Stat & spa();
		Stat const & spd() const;
		Stat & spd();
		Stat const & spe() const;
		Stat & spe();
		int current_stage(Stat::Stats stat) const;
		unsigned positive_stat_boosts() const;
		template<Stat::Stats stat, typename... Args>
		Rational stage_modifier(Args&&... args) const {
			return stage.modifier<stat>(std::forward<Args>(args)...);
		void stat_boost(Stat::Stats stat, int n);
		void stat_boost_physical(int n);
		void stat_boost_special(int n);
		void stat_boost_regular(int n);
		void stat_boost_defensive(int n);
		void stat_boost_offensive(int n);
		void reset_stats();
		void copy_stat_boosts(ActivePokemon const & other);
		static void swap_defensive_stages(ActivePokemon & lhs, ActivePokemon & rhs);
		static void swap_offensive_stages(ActivePokemon & lhs, ActivePokemon & rhs);
		static void swap_stat_boosts(ActivePokemon & lhs, ActivePokemon & rhs);
		Status const & status() const;
		Status & status();
		bool can_clear_status() const;

		unsigned spit_up_power() const;
		void increment_stockpile();
		int release_stockpile();

		bool is_switching_to_self () const;
		bool is_switching_to_self (Move const & switch_move) const;
		bool has_switched() const;
		bool switch_decision_required() const;
		void switch_pokemon();
		void switch_in();
		void update_to_correct_switch();
		bool trapped() const;
		bool tormented() const;
		void taunt();
		bool is_taunted() const;
		void torment();
		void increment_taunt();
		Rational toxic_ratio() const;
		void increment_toxic();
		TypeCollection const & type() const;
		void u_turn();
		void use_uproar();
		bool vanish_doubles_power(Moves move_name) const;
		void activate_water_sport();
		void hit_with_yawn();
		bool decrement_yawn();

		// Returns whether the Pokemon ends up in a Vanished state
		bool bounce();
		bool dig();
		bool dive();
		bool fly();
		bool shadow_force();

		void use_bide(Pokemon & target);
		bool is_locked_in_to_bide() const;
		unsigned damaged() const;
		Rational random_damage_multiplier() const;
		void direct_damage(unsigned damage);
		void indirect_damage(unsigned damage);
		void register_damage(unsigned damage);
		void increment_move_use_counter();
		void update_chance_to_hit(ActivePokemon const & target, Weather const & weather, bool target_moved);
		// If the move is a hit, returns the chance to hit, otherwise, returns
		// the chance to miss.
		ChanceToHit::value_type accuracy_probability() const;
		bool can_miss() const;
		bool will_be_replaced() const;
		// Fix any rounding issues caused by not seeing the foe's exact HP.
		void normalize_hp(bool fainted);
		PokemonCollection const & all_pokemon() const;
		PokemonCollection & all_pokemon();

		friend bool operator== (ActivePokemon const & lhs, ActivePokemon const & rhs);
		typedef uint64_t hash_type;
		hash_type hash() const;
		hash_type max_hash() const;
		std::string to_string() const;

		Pokemon const & get_pokemon() const;
		Pokemon & get_pokemon();
		friend class Evaluate;
		// I'd make this a reference but I don't want to manually define a copy
		// and move assignment operator to simply verify that the referents are
		// the same.
		PokemonCollection m_all_pokemon;
		uint16_t damage_done_to_active = 0;
		Bide bide;
		ChanceToHit cached_chance_to_hit;
		Confusion confusion;
		Embargo embargo;
		Encore encore;
		HealBlock heal_block;
		MagnetRise magnet_rise;
		Substitute active_substitute;
		PartialTrap partial_trap;
		PerishSong perish_song;
		Rampage rampage;
		RandomDamage random_damage;
		Stage stage;
		SlowStart slow_start;
		Stockpile stockpile;
		Taunt m_taunt;
		Toxic toxic;
		Uproar uproar;
		Vanish vanish;
		Yawn yawn;
		bool aqua_ring = false;
		bool attracted = false;
		// Will it wake up
		bool awakening = false;
		bool ch = false;
		bool charged = false;
		bool cursed = false;
		bool used_defense_curl = false;
		bool destiny_bond = false;
		bool enduring = false;
		bool flash_fire = false;
		bool flinched_this_turn = false;
		bool focusing_energy = false;
		bool fully_paralyzed = false;
		// Block, Mean Look, Spider Web
		bool fully_trapped = false;
		bool gastro_acid = false;
		bool identified = false;
		bool used_imprison = false;
		bool ingrain_active = false;
		bool leech_seed = false;
		bool loaf = false;
		bool lock_on = false;
		bool me_first = false;
		bool minimize = false;
		bool miss = false;
		bool has_moved = false;
		bool mud_sport = false;
		bool nightmares = false;
		bool pass = false;
		bool power_trick = false;
		bool protecting = false;
		bool recharge_lock_in = false;
		bool roosting = false;
		bool shedding_skin = false;
		bool is_tormented = false;
		bool u_turning = false;
		bool water_sport = false;
bool operator!= (ActivePokemon const & lhs, ActivePokemon const & rhs);

}	// namespace technicalmachine