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What is it?

LFS is an online shop based on Python, Django and jQuery.


For more information please visit:


For the latest documentation please visit:

Demo shop

A demo shop can be tried here:


0.5.0 beta 7 (2011-04-13)

  • Improved error message for checkout form (Andres Vargas / zodman); issue #87
  • Fixed invalid HTML; issue #81
  • Bugfix: correct display of cart within shop view after cart has been updated; issue #82
  • Bugfix: save and display correct text of TextPortlets; issue #39
  • Fixed requried permission from "manage_shop" to "core.manage_shop"; issue #84
  • Fixed Integration Error when adding Product with existing slug; issue #42
  • Bugfix: made option price optional (as stated within form)
  • Updated documentation; issue #60
  • Added transifex config file
  • Added translations for mexican spanish (Andres Vargas)
  • Updated spain translations
  • Updated german translations

0.5.0 beta 6 (2010-10-16)

  • Bugfix added_to_cart: Display correct taxes within added_to_cart view. Issue #65.
  • Bugfix variants: display variant's properties on cart, added_to_cart, checkout, received_mail, sent_mail. Issue #40.
  • Bugfix lfs.cart: fixed total of added_to_cart view. Issue: #38.
  • Bugfix lfs.cart: subtract voucher price from cart price.
  • Changed: provide own redirect middleware in order to redirect urls with query string.

0.5.0 beta 5 (2010-07-31)

  • Bugfix add_to_cart: display correct stock amount if not enough products are within stock.
  • Added more tests

0.5.0 beta 4 (2010-07-30)

  • Bugfix pages: caching page_view
  • Bugfix cart: display correct stock amount within growl message
  • Bugfix product_inline: display property title within error message
  • Bugfix order_received_mail.html: display the correct selected values of a configurable product
  • Bugfix cart: calculation of maximum delivery date
  • Bugfix redirect: save redirect url for variants
  • Bugfix added missing import of Http404
  • Bugfix: restrict adding to cart if the product is not deliverable. Issue #37
  • Added french translations (Jacques Seite)
  • Added get_properties method to OrderItem
  • Added optional cached parameter to cart/utils/get_cart_price and cart/utils/get_cart_costs
  • Removed javascript which dynamically sets the height of the slots.
  • Changed properties management: display name instead of title within left portlet
  • Improved lfs.portlet: caching

0.5.0 beta 3 (2010-06-30)

  • Bugfix manage property form: display validators for float field
  • Bugfix: Using property title instead of name
  • Bugfix Product.get_variant_properties: display only variant properties
  • Bugfix order_inline.html: display product.unit instead of price_unit; display title of property
  • Bugfix cart: inject correct html after refresh the cart
  • Check also for existing username within RegisterForm
  • Take subject for new_user_mail from template
  • Display default value for configurable properties

0.5.0 beta 2 (2010-06-27)

  • Cleaned up contact form

0.5.0 beta 1 (2009-12-27)

  • First public beta release

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