Arcade Manager


This is a small PyGTK app that I have written to help launch ROMs on my arcade
machine. The aim was to be able to ditch having to use a keyboard to control
launching games, and to instead use the arcade controls (which are mapped to
keys on a keyboard using a JPAC). After specifying a directory where your ROMs
are located, it will
display them in a list view. Having selected a game to play, on pressing the P1
button (1), it will launch the game in the emulator depending on the system
you're using. For Windows, this is Fusion, and for Linux it is dgen.


    * `-f` will make the program run in fullscreen.
    * `-r` to specify the ROMs directory. Defaults to `roms/`. A leading slash
        is required.


    python -r C:\roms\ -f


    * Python (this was written on a system using 2.5.2 though an earlier version
        may work.
    * PyGTK
    * dgen if running on Linux
    * Fusion if running on Windows


If running on Linux, it is suggested that you create a ~/.dgen/dgenrc file so
that you can specify some options.

So that you can easily quit the emulator and choose another game, it is a good
idea to include a shortcut to do this via the arcade controls. On mine I have it
set to `CTRL + 2`. This is the P1 A button and the P2 Start button.

Also, ensure that you have `bool_fullscreen = true` so that when dgen runs, it
does so in fullscreen.


On Windows, it is a little trickier to quit the Fusion emulator as there is no
configuration you can set. Instead you need to create a batch file which can be
executed via a shortcut key. The following is an example batch file:

    @echo off
    taskkill /f /im Fusion.exe

Create a shortcut to this batch file (right click, Create Shortcut). Place the
shortcut on the desktop. This is extremely important, otherwise the shortcut key
doesn't work. It is a Windows restriction. Go to the properties of the shortcut
and assign a shortcut key. On mine, I have done `CTRL + ALT + 2`. This
corresponds to P1 (A + B) and P2 Start buttons. When you press this combination,
the batch file will run, killing the Fusion emulator task.

When first launching the Fusion emulator, enter Fullscreen mode by pressing
`ESC`. Then run the batch file and it will save the setting and always open in
fullscreen mode.