Template-Field is missing after installation

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Roman Joss created an issue

The Template-Field is hidden as soon as I upload this plugin. I’ve heard from this plugin from other companies and wanted to try it. The Save-History-Functionality in V 1.2.0 is great, this works perfectly. That’s an absolutely ingenious function

The Template-Field is hidden with version 1.1.0 and Version 1.2.0.
We use Confluence-Version: 6.15.4

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  1. Roman Joss reporter

    Also with the new Version 1.3.0, the template-field is hidden.
    There must be something with the css. Unfortunatly i’m not able to change this or find why this is hidden.
    Please can anyone help?

  2. Davin Studer repo owner

    I see in your screenshot an error. What is the error in the console? My hunch is that the ACE editor is not displaying for some reason.

  3. Davin Studer repo owner

    I’ve a feeling that the ACE editor is being blocked from loading by your system. Currently, the ACE editor is being loaded from a CDN. I’ve now bundled it into the app and the next release will not try and load it from the CDN.

  4. Davin Studer repo owner

    Version 1.3.1 bundles ACE into the app. It was released today. Let me know if this fixes your issue.

  5. Davin Studer repo owner

    Closing this for now. Pretty sure this is due to the ACE editor not loading for some reason. Possibly the CDN was blocked by a firewall or something. With ACE embedded into the app this should not happen.

  6. Roman Joss reporter

    Hi @Davin Studer
    Thanks for your fix. Sorry, on January i was out-of-office and in February i did not see your messages till now. I appologize.
    Yes, you are rigt. We are behind a firewall which do not allow ressources from CDN. With the embedded ACE it works perfect!
    Thanks a lot for your fix. That Plugin is owesome!

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