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Issue #3 resolved
Anton Coetzee created an issue

The history link on the User Macros administration page in Confluence v6.12.1 is not displayed.

My initial configuration for the plug-in to use the Create Documentation Page option. The history links were correctly displayed for those macros I edited (I a few had pre-existing user macros defined already).

I then removed the Create Documentation Page option and re-edited some macros, but then none of the history links displayed anymore.

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  1. Davin Studer repo owner

    If the app finds a page that matches your code page title, default is User Macro Code (##MACRO_NAME##), then it should display a link to that page’s history section. If for some reason the user macro title/name get’s changed or the history page name get's changes and they no longer match then you would not see the link. Turning off the documentation page shouldn’t affect the history links.

  2. Anton Coetzee reporter

    As can be seen in the screenshots below, I use the ##MACRO_TITLE## for the Code Page Title and they match the actual page titles under the User Macros parent page used for the history. What am I missing then?

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