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add find_boundary/1 courtesy of Andy Gross

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 %% @author Justin Sheehy <>
+%% @author Andy Gross <>
 %% @copyright 2009 Basho Technologies
 %% @doc Utility for parsing multipart form bodies.
 -author('Justin Sheehy <>').
+-author('Andy Gross <>').
+-export([get_all_parts/2,stream_parts/2, find_boundary/1]).
 % @type incoming_req_body() = binary().
 % @type fcontent() = binary().
 % The body content within a form part.
+% @doc Find the multipart boundary for a request.
+% @spec find_boundary(wrq:wm_reqdata()) -> boundary()
+find_boundary(ReqData) ->
+    ContentType = wrq:get_req_header("content-type", ReqData),
+    string:substr(ContentType, string:str(ContentType, "boundary=") 
+                  + length("boundary=")).
 % @doc Turn a multipart form into component parts.
 % @spec get_all_parts(incoming_req_body(), boundary()) -> [fpart()]
 get_all_parts(Body, Boundary) when is_binary(Body), is_list(Boundary) ->
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