Davide Cittaro committed 380478f

fixed a bug when description is not available

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   # if EFFECT has been predicted, add the header lines
   if vcf_parser.infos.has_key('EFF'):
     header = header + ["GENE","CODOON","AA","EFFECT"]
-    if option_parser.description:
+    if cli_options.description:
       for d_line in cli_options.description:
         tmp_f = d_line.strip().split('\t')
       col_n += 1
       fill_cell(ws, col_n, row, effect.predicted)
       col_n += 1
-      if option_parser.description:
+      if cli_options.description:
           fill_cell(ws, col_n, row, description[effect.gene])
         except KeyError:
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