asterisk / Zaptel-to-DAHDI.txt

=== Information for upgrading from Zaptel to DAHDI    ===

As announced in early 2008, Digium is renaming the Zaptel telephony
interface project to DAHDI (Digium Asterisk Hardware Device Interface)
to accommodate the desires of the owner of the Zaptel trademark for
telephony purposes.

This version of Asterisk can only be built using DAHDI, and as a
result there are number of changes that will be visible to previous
users of Asterisk with Zaptel.

First, the modules that directly use services from DAHDI have been
renamed; the new names are: -> -> -> -> ->

Second, the behavior of many modules has changed due to the switch to
DAHDI; the changes are listed below.

  Incoming and outgoing channels managed by this module will be
  'DAHDI' channels instead of 'Zap' channels.

  All CLI commands that began with 'zap' have been renamed to 'dahdi'

  All Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) actions that began with 'Zap'
  have changed to 'DAHDI' prefixes.

  The ZapSendKeypadFacility dialplan application has been renamed to

  The configuration for the channel driver will be read from
  /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf instead of /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf.

  The ZapBarge application has been renamed to DAHDIBarge.

  The ZapRAS application has been renamed to DAHDIRAS.

  The ZapScan application has been renamed to DAHDIScan.
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