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		Known Defects in BIND 9.2.4.

* 'dig +chase' does not terminate on a RFC 2308 Type 1 negative response.

* named does not correctly caching a RFC 2308 Type 1 negative response.
  This causes named to emit RFC 2308 Type 3 responses instead of RFC 2308
  Type 2 responses which inturn causes problems for nsupdate (below).

* nsupdate does not handling RFC 2308 Type 3 negative responses when looking
  for the zone / master server.  Use server and zone commands to work around

* " down" doesn't work for Solaris 9.

* named.conf(5) is being installed in the wrong location.

* dig/host/nslookup are only trying the first address when a nameserver was
  specified by name.