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$Id: ChangeLog,v 0.6.1 2008/01/26 19:17:00 overlord Exp $

This ChangeLog was created 2006/07/07 to recognise that the Blake
library and the server are no longer one, monolithic tree.  This
ChangeLog now refers to changes in the Blake library only.

0.2.4 (pending release)
DDRP: blake_db_mysql.c has all it's internals removed during compile if
      WITH_MYSQL has not been defined in config.h (--with-mysql).
DDRP: Version number changes, OVERCHAT_VER* removed.  BLAKE_VER*
      added instead to separate server version from Blake version in order
      to rid all traces of the former monolithic tree.  I've also been
      through a few more misc. identitifers in blake.h removing references
      to OVERCHAT_ in order to separate the namespaces.
DDRP: Removed blake_stopcodes.h and any references to it.
DDRP: Removed padding from end of blake_db_users structure.  New structure
      is now too long to be binary-compatible with old school database.
      databases, managing user information.
DDRP: Further binary changes to legacy system for databases, this code is
      no longer compatible with existing legacy databases.  Please run the
      conversion script to update to MySQL.  If you have special needs,
      embedded usage etc, you can still screw a new 'legacy' flatfile but
      it will not be compatible with the older databases.  I have made this
      change for consistency.  Please be aware also that conversion to SQL
      with the use of the script for converting legacy databases won't
      convert a newly created 'legacy' database and you will need to modify
      that script, should you ever need to switch over.
DDRP: time_reg is no longer zeroed for deleted user records.  Please update
      any code which uses this archaic mechanism.
DDRP: Removed explicit limits.h inclusion from
DDRP: Fix to check for sys/time.h
DDRP: Fix variables interdispersed with code error in blake_db_mysql.c
DDRP: Fix variables interdispersed with code error in blake_db_postgresql.c
DDRP: Fix old references for blake_db_user in libclient.cpp
DDRP: Update some old DNS names in libclient.cpp
DDRP: Change default table name to overchat_users from users in DB code

DDRP: blake_db_RemoteBackup( ) has been removed.
DDRP: Change of database code structure.  The old files where blakedb.c and
      blakedb.h for handling the current, binary database.  the new files
      are blake_db.h (generic interface for internal use). blake_db_mysql.h
      and blake_db_mysql.c for MySQL and blake_db_legacy.h and
      blake_db_legacy.c for the present legacy database.  Function names
      have also been renamed.  The old function names acess a generic
      interface (in blake_db.c) which call the correct interface based on
      options and what has been compiled-in at compile time.  To extend
      this concept and make it obvious, I have also added
      blake_db_postgresql.c and blake_db_postgresql.h but they are empty.