M6 KVM committed 5d6bf5c

Switch away from DlConfReader to Daybo::ConfReader

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 use Data::UUID; # For identifying prepared (compiled) statements.
 use DBI;
 use Time::HiRes qw( time );
-use DlConfReader;
+use Daybo::ConfReader;
 package DayboBase;
 use Error qw(:try);
 The GetCredentials() function is a general purpose database access credentials
 loading function.  It can be used in conjunction with a configuration reader
-object (DlConfReader), or directly once already used.
+object (Daybo::ConfReader), or directly once already used.
   # Now check whether we can actually read the file
-  $cnfReader = DlConfReader->new();
+  $cnfReader = Daybo::ConfReader->new();
   if ( $cnfReader ) {
     if ( $cnfReader->SetFn($ConfigFile) ) {
       my $err = undef;
       return 0;
   } else {
-    my $msg = 'Error creating DlConfReader object';
+    my $msg = 'Error creating Daybo::ConfReader object';
     die($msg . "\n") if ( $self->{'_exceptions'} );
     return 0;
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