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Split the paragraph in the hex section, for more easily reading.

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 sub SplitPara($) {
 	my $Str = shift;
-	return $Str;
+	my $l = length($Str);
+	return substr($Str, 0, $l/2) . substr($Str, ($l/2)-1);
 sub PrintRow($) {
 	$hexPadding = ( PARAGRAPH_LENGTH() - $printed_count ) * 3;
 	while ( $hexPadding-- ) { $hex .= ' '; }
-	printf("%s\t%s\n", SplitPara($hex), SplitPara($printable));
+	printf("%s\t%s\n", SplitPara($hex), $printable);
 sub Dump($) {
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