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Merge stable back into develop

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 c9ffb994b19415bd568855d91b2a248e4e806ade 0.0.0
 fb2b4d4657b9c73d530bcc642306a7b0dc48fef2 0.0.1
+1a4a2605ce434acd4770e39cbed11a0dfaf228bf 0.0.2
+  * 70f21d4f0123: Split the paragraph in the hex section, for more easily reading.
+  * e24392b23f85: Surround ASCII with side-bars
+  * 5de72be05f48: Don't double space the ASCII output
+  * f91ca40bb67b: Print the offset of the row in hex in the LH column
+  * f3b27d25f41d: BUGFIX: Missing inclusion of the perror() function
   * 448e45be6c76: BUGFIX: Ensure getc() is called until eof
 #!/usr/bin/perl -w
+use POSIX qw(perror);
 package main;
 use strict;
 use warnings;