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The Daybo Logic Windowing Library for consoles Version 2.0
Copyright 1997-2003 Daybo Logic, all rights reserved.
Written and designed by David Duncan Ross Palmer

1. Introduction from 2000
1. About this library
2. Supported platforms and filenames
3. Licenses
4. About Daybo Logic (as of 20031214)

1.0 Introduction from 2000
Version one of this library was called the DOS windowing library and it was
designed in the days when I did'nt give a second thought about portability.
This time it will be different, I'm not using C++, I am sticking to ANSI C
rules and when it comes to color changing and such like I will be relying
on abstraction libraries to protect the windowing library against platform

The library is going to be implemented as one major C object which will
dynamically create other objects it needs for new windows and such like,
this gives an easy way to destruct the main object and have it destroy
all windowing elements it has created.  Objects such as windows and menus
will all have their own objects and will be able to be made by the user
if required, however there will be main entry points in the windowing
library object for such things and objects outside of this should never
have to be made.  The main object would have to be regularily updated to
add support for all the new elements which would be avialable, this is a
large project and I will only be adding new thing to it am I require them
during the creation of a program.

1. About this library
This library has the following goals:
   . Portable support for DOS, UNIX and Win32
       These goals each have a compatibillity layer to reach the underlying
       technology.  For DOS it is Borland C's conio library, for UNIX it is
       curses or ncurses.  For Win32, it is the Daybo Logic conio->Win32
       compatibillity library called libdlconio32.

   . Reuse of common dialogs
       Such things as standard windows which restore what was underneath them
       when they are destroyed or moved, a password dialog and the like.

when this ibrary was first created in 1997, it used very non-portable
techniques such as Borland's pre-standard C++.  This has now all been removed
and the library is totally written in C.  That's all I can say for now, this
readme.txt will be updated as the project continues.  Trying to continue
after a gap of six years with no development is quite a feat!

2. Supported platforms and filenames
UNIX (ensure you download the package for your flavour of UNIX)
libdlcwl        ncurses or curses release library

dlcwlbor.lib    Large memory model 16-bit DOS library for Borland C

dlcwlms6.lib    32-bit flat Microsoft Visual C++ 6, relies on libdlconio32
dlcwl2.dll      Win32 DLL for all compilers (built with Borland)

3. Licenses
A trial version of this library is available through the internet for
free, the commercial version can be purchased through the Daybo Logic
website.  The file license.txt lists the full terms and conditions of
use and details of copyright.  The source version is also sold for a
premium and different sections of the license apply.  Please read
license.txt for more information.

4. About Daybo Logic (as of 20031214)
Daybo Logic is a programming and support small business based in Cornwall,
Great Britain.  As well as offering tools and libraries on the internet and
for private clients, we also offer callout services for teaching the
internet, networking and software and limited hardware support.  We have
a totally transparent relationship with clients and we promote airing of their
views, good or bad on our website.  Daybo Logic was a non-profit group of
programmers until June 2003, when it officially became a company.