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Add quick documentation for -b flag

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 		} elsif ( $o eq 'c' ) { # Collection name
 			print("-c <name>\n\tCollection name (A name of this Maildir (cumulative)\n");
 			$detailed = true;
+		} elsif ( $o eq 'b' ) { # Brief (no full headers)
+			print("-b\n\tIf this flag is specified, only basic headers will be help, not full detail.\n");
+			$detailed = true;
 		print("-i\n\tImport mode; Not yet supported\n\n");
 		print("-d <dir>\n\tSpecified the path to the Maildir (for -i mode only)\n\n");
 		print("-c <name>\n\tCollection name (A name of this Maildir (cumulative))\n\n");
+		print("-b\n\tBrief headers\n\n");
 		print("-? [<opt>]\n\tGet this help (optionally, specify arguments for detailed help)\n\n");