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README,v 0.1.3 2006/02/28 15:05:00 ddrp Exp $

Welcome to dlscripts-0.3.0

After moving several scripts and libraries out of the OverChat
source tree during 2004-2005, I knew that all scripts would one day
have to be released as a separate package, required by all libraries.
Finally, on August 30th 2005, this package was released.

Documentation, aside from inside the scripts themselves, does not
exist and has not been released.  This package is for other libraries
and tools which may require it, it is not a user package in it's own
right.  I call these my supplementary scripts.

Old programs, released before March 2006, expect to find this package
in weird and non-standard locations.  If you start getting compile
errors with packages looking for ../../shared/c99.h/ or ../c99.h/,
either 1) get an older version of dlscripts and try to make it work.
2) Update the package causing the problem.

The standard location for script installation is under
%CommonProgramFile%\Daybo Logic\scripts under Windows NT
/usr/local/share/daybo_logic/scripts/ under UNIX.

NB. You will need Perl to use the automated installation!
Note also to read INSTALL.

 -- David Duncan Ross Palmer, 12th February 2006.