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Add DLSTR_AUTO_INCLUDE as workaround (mainly for autotools).

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 #endif /*__cplusplus*/
+  Handle inclusion of headers we depend on, normally you don't want
+  this, but in some situations, such as GNU autotools, you want the
+  inclusions handled automagically.  Define the DLSTR_AUTO_INCLUDE macro
+# ifndef __cplusplus
+#  ifdef HAVE_STDBOOL_H
+#   include <stdbool.h>
+#  else
+#   include "dlstdinc.h"
+#  endif /*HAVE_STDBOOL_H*/
+# endif /*__cplusplus*/
   These error codes are returned by some functions directly as return
   values or sometimes via a pointer supplied by the caller if they want
   to check the status.  Normally, a function will fail returning NULL