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This is the 2D engine which is reliant on OpenGL built by Jeramy Wenserit and David Duncan Ross Palmer
from Daybo Logic.  The source is broken up into four files to make sure that development could work
effectively with no source management software, such as CVS installed.  This is because this is the first
joint project in C, not all servers are up and running and the development of the network will take some time.
Therefore there is a one person == one file relationship in the source.

jeng.h <- Jeramy's declarations for us both
deng.h <- David's declarations for us both
jeng.c - Jeramy's functions and objects for us both.
deng.c <- David's functions and objects for us both.

Therefore we can modify our headers without fear for whatever the other person is doing.

These modules are completely freeform.  Please make whatever is private per programmer and will not be of
use to the other programmer static, in order to keep the number of public symbols to a minimum.
The file eng2d.h should not be modifed, it is merely the user of the library's header.  It simply includes
Jeramy and David's headers and ensures they are not included more than once.

Note: When explicity exporting a function to the user of the library (the game), it's declaration must be like
the following:

ENG2DAPI(return type) eng2d_FunctionName(parameter list);

If the function takes no parameters it should use (ENG2D_VOID_PARAM).

Note: ENG2D_VOID_PARAM and ENG2DAPI are both declared in deng.h (David's header).

Note: Please define ENG2D like the following at the top of the engine source:
#define ENG2D
This will assure that internal parts of the headers are exposed to the engine and it will also prevent
eng2d.h being included directly (as this is the user mode header).