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Felix Riemann
Prepare for release 3.3.92
Felix Riemann
Revert "Do not show the titlebar when eog is maximized." This reverts commit c93aa0b94ba6142c78ea5025a56a0f70c6fc0739. As the menubar comes pretty close to the top of the screen, there is apperently the possibility to accidentially trigger gnome-shell's activities menu. Revisit this for the next development cycle when all the dependencies are stable enough.
Felix Riemann
Add gtk version check around changes of commit 22618a75 We use symbols that are not present in earlier GTK+ versions.
Felix Riemann
EogThumbNav: Fix mousewheel scrolling with gtk-3.3.18 and xserver-1.12 Handle incoming smooth scroll events that are oviously caused by the scrollwheel just like legacy scroll events.
Gianvito Cavasoli
[l10n] Updated Italian translation
Updated Arabic translation
Duarte Loreto
Updated Portuguese translation
Viesturs Ružāns
Added Latvian translation.
Muhammet Kara
[l10n]Updated Turkish translation
Wouter Bolsterlee
Updated Dutch translation
Daniel Mustieles
Updated Spanish translation
Bruce Cowan
Updated British English translation
A S Alam
update Punjabi Translation
Marek Černocký
Updated Czech translation
Sweta Kothari
Updated Gujarati Translations
Krishnababu Krothapalli
Updated Telugu Translations
A S Alam
update Punjabi Translation
Anita Reitere
Updated Latvian translation.
Felix Riemann
EogFileChooser: Use GnomeThumbnailFactory to create preview image Do this if no thumbnail exists yet. Avoids displaying too large thumbs for images that have yet to be thumbnailed, breaking the file open dialog.
David Planella
Updated Catalan translation
Antonio Fernandes C. Neto
Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation
Kjartan Maraas
Updated Norwegian bokmål translation
Timo Jyrinki
Finnish translation update from translation sprint
Felix Riemann
Remove deprecated, unneeded and now effect-less GtkStyle-usage This stuff wasn't needed anymore since we dropped the GtkFrame as parent for the EogScrollView widget. Also it didn't have any effect at all in GTK+-3. Fixes more build warnings because of deprecations.
Adrian Zgorzałek
Fix GDK deprecations Partially fixes compiling with -Werror-deprecated.
Felix Riemann
EogErrorMessageArea: Properly escape the error message markup Fixes broken error messages when printing messages containing markup characters like '<' and '>'.
Changwoo Ryu
Updated Korean translation
Arash Mousavi
Updated Persian Translation
Tiffany Antopolski
Updated Esperanto translation
Yuri Myasoedov
Updated Russian translation
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