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Lucas Rocha
Update for 2.21.2
Changwoo Ryu
Updated Korean translation.
Ihar Hrachyshka
Updated Belarusian Latin translation.
Lucas Rocha
Correctly handle Up/Down keys in image collection so that it works as
Lucas Rocha
wrap eog_image_load in Python bindings. Fixes bug #499156 (Ross Burton).
Claudio Saavedra
Use existing EogImageData enum instead of guint. Fixes bug #499154 (Ross
Felix Riemann
Check if there is already a thumbnailing job for an image before adding
Updated Occitan translation
Felix Riemann
Display the metadata tab for images without EXIF data, but with XMP data,
Updated Occitan translation
Felix Riemann
Correctly increase the MetadataReader's position after reading an IPTC
Felix Riemann
Fix leaked mime string when loading image dimensions.
Felix Riemann
Add a wrapper for is_file_in_list_store() which takes a GnomeVFSURI
Felix Riemann
Fix leaking GConf data.
Alexander Shopov
Updated Bulgarian translation by Alexander Shopov <>
Lucas Rocha
exposed EogWindow's modes and added new APIs for getting and setting the
Lucas Rocha
added an API for getting the scroll view for EogWindow. added
Matej Urbančič
Updated Slovenian translation
Luca Ferretti
Updated Italian translation.
Sebastian Dröge
Require exempi >= 1.99.5 and update for the API changes. Patch by Michael
Felix Riemann
Disconnect the GConfNotifications from the windows when closing them. This
Gabor Kelemen
Translation updated
Gil Forcada Codinachs
Updated Catalan translation
Felix Riemann
Make sure the returned list is really NULL-terminated. This fixes
Jorge Gonzalez Gonzalez
Updated Spanish translation
Priit Laes
Translation updated by Priit Laes.
Felix Riemann
Support resetting the toolbar to its default state. Fixes bug #480975.
Felix Riemann
Update to latest EggToolbarEditor code in preparation for my next commit.
Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
Updated Galician Translation.
Daniel Nylander
sv.po: Updated Swedish translation
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