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Felix Riemann
Update for release 2.27.5
Khaled Hosny
Updated Arabic translation
Petr Kovar
Added Czech help translation by Marek Cernocky
Felix Riemann
Add ChangeLog entries to my last commits
Felix Riemann
Add UI elements for xdg-fallback and netbook-mode Adds UI elements to the preferences window to allow en- / disabling the features added in commits a1c8d6f3b7a2c0459e75b6cbce281751f6376671 and 80cc24682e6da921d73ca6b71d517938eaf34649.
Felix Riemann
Delete unneeded glade file This glade file is not needed anymore. Due to the changes in commit a1c8d6f3b7a2c0459e75b6cbce281751f6376671 it is out of date now. Also Glade3 is pretty good at handling GtkBuilder files now.
Felix Riemann
Bug 566810 – Image properties dialog too big for netbooks Add an option to have the detailled metadata list widget shown on its own notebook page in the properties dialog. This should avoid moving the dialog buttons off the screen on smaller displays. This is currently a GConf-only option.
Felix Riemann
Merge per-plugin Makefiles into a single Makefile Merges all the per-plugin Makefiles into a single non-recursive Makefile. It makes it possible to build the plugins in parallel which nearly halves the build time necessary for them on my dual core system.
Felix Riemann
Merge per-context Makefiles for icons into per-size Makefiles This started out as a small uncritical test of non-recursive Makefile as they were shown for glom today. Turns out it works pretty nicely and already removes 2 of 3 Makefiles per size.
Jorge González
Updated Spanish translation
Ivar Smolin
Updating Estonian translation
Felix Riemann
Add forgotten ending tag in schemas file
Felix Riemann
Raise gtk+ dependency to 2.15.2 This is due to gtk_image_menu_item_set_always_show_image being used by commit 76ebcbeac7bf4bead09588fc0f17bfdb54b53b75 .
Frédéric Péters
Always show icons of rotate/flip menu items (GNOME bug 589584)
Felix Riemann
Fix typo in schema file
Felix Riemann
Bug 589151 – Let filechooser fall back to user's pictures folder Add a (for now) hidden option to have the filechooser show the user's picture folder ($XDG_PICTURES_DIR) when no image is loaded in the current window. If the folder had not been set up it will fall back to show the currrent working directory. The option has been enabled by default as it seems to be useful on the average desktop system.
Claudio Saavedra
Remove obsolete GTK+ version check * src/eog-thumb-view.c: (eog_thumb_view_init): Do not check for GTK+ version to be at least 2.15.0, since we already depend on 2.15.1.
Felix Riemann
Bug 589347 – make install fails due eog-exif-details.h This broke due to automake-1.11 installing all headers in one call and eog-exif-details.h was mentioned twice when compiling with both EXIF and XMP support enabled.
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy
po/vi.po: fixed quotations
Bùi Xuân Dương
po/vi.po: updated Vietnamese translation
Ilkka Tuohela
Updated Finnish translation
Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle
Fixed two access keys in the Brazilian Portuguese translation.
César Veiga
Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation, by César Veiga and me.
Chao-Hsiung Liao
Updated Traditional Chinese translation(Hong Kong and Taiwan)
Felix Riemann
Post-release version bump
Felix Riemann
Update for release 2.27.4
Felix Riemann
Allow a button for saving images in the toolbar
Maxim V. Dziumanenko
Updated Ukrainian translation
Daniel Nylander
Updated Swedish translation
Mark Krapivner
Updated Hebrew translation
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