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Lucas Rocha
Update for 2.14.0
2 tags
Benoît Dejean
Updated French translation.
Miloslav Trmac
Updated Czech translation by Petr Tomeš.
Roozbeh Pournader
Updated Persian translation by Elnaz Sarbar, and Farzaneh Sarafraz.
Amanpreet Singh Alam
update translation for Punjabi (Gurmukhi) by apbrar gmail com
Luca Ferretti
Fixed a typo
Daniel Nylander
Swedish translation updated.
Gabor Kelemen
Hungarian translation updated.
Ole Laursen
Updated Danish translation.
Luca Ferretti
Updated Italian translation
Lucas Rocha
always set to collection mode as there's no single/collection dichotomy
Lucas Rocha
quit EOG when not able to load images. remove unwanted output.
Rajesh Ranjan
Updated Translation
Ryan Lortie
Ensure that requested image is added when scanning parent directory of
Mugurel Tudor
Updated Romanian translation
Alexander Shopov
Updated Bulgarian translation by Alexander Shopov <>
Lucas Rocha
post release version bump.
Lucas Rocha
Update for 2.13.92
Lucas Rocha
fix crash when removing images from a directory with images that EOG is
Alexander Alexandrov Shopov
Opps - fixing my mistake. EOG still does not use gnome-doc-utils.
Lucas Rocha
make EOG gnome-screen-saver if this is present (Fixes bug #333142). Patch
Maxim Dziumanenko
Updated Ukrainian translation.
Lucas Rocha
mouse scroll wheel make image switching on collection pane (Fixes bug
Alessio Frusciante
Updated Italian translation.
Lucas Rocha
define a minimum window size (Fixes bug #327065).
Lucas Rocha
change libs search paths order to make development libs paths have higher
Lucas Rocha
correct handling of zoom double precision with mouse wheel (Fixes bug
Leonid Kanter
Fixed Russian translation
Alexander Shopov
bg/figures/eog_save_as_window.png bg/figures/eog_start_window.png Added
Rhys Jones
Updated Welsh translation.
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