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Eye of GNOME: an image viewing and cataloging program

Perfect vision soup:

	- 1 cauldron of snake broth
	- 2 vampire ears
	- 4 legs of tarantula
	- 1 eye of gnome


This is the Eye of GNOME, an image viewer program.  It is meant to be
a fast and functional image viewer.


This package requires the following modules to be installed: glib,
GTK+, libgnomeui, libglade, gconf, gnome-desktop, gio, gdk-pixbuf,
gnome-icon-theme, shared-mime-info, libart, and libglade.

You can get these packages from your favourite GNOME FTP mirror or at or from other sources where GNOME
packages are distributed. shared-mime-info can be downloaded
from the website.

Optional Libraries

'Eye of GNOME' supports the reading of EXIF information stored in
images by digital cameras. To get this working, you need the optional
libexif library. It is available at
If you also want to preserve your EXIF data on save make sure you have
libjpeg installed, including the development files.

In order to make 'Eye of GNOME' work as a single instance application you'll
need D-Bus installed in your system. You can get it from .

Other optional dependencies include Little cms for color management,
Python, pygtk, and gnome-python for python plugins support, and
Exempi for XMP metadata reading.


The bleeding-edge version of this package is always available from the GNOME
SVN repository (instructions at
Released versions are available at


You can find screenshots and the latest news about 'Eye of GNOME' in

Reporting bugs

Please use the GNOME bug tracking system to report bugs.  You can
reach it at


This program is released under the terms of the GNU General Public
License.  Please see the file COPYING for details.


Maintainer: Lucas Rocha (

Felix Riemann (
Claudio Saaevedra (
Tim Gerla (
Arik Devens (
Federico Mena-Quintero (
Jens Finke (
Lutz Müller (
Martin Baulig (
Michael Meeks (