Palmer, 2E0EOL committed debb042

Emit a warning when you're testing if the default branch was merged,
but go ahead anyway, in case you're abusing hg in strange ways.

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 use boolean;
 use constant BRANCH_MAINLINE => 'develop';
+use constant BRANCH_DEFAULT  => 'default';
 sub GetWSNamedBranchName() {
 	my $b = `hg branch`;
 	} elsif ( $b eq BRANCH_MAINLINE() ) {
 		printf(STDERR "Mainline %s branch is %s itself (it is always merged)\n", BRANCH_MAINLINE(), BRANCH_MAINLINE());
 		return 0;
+	} elsif ( $b eq BRANCH_DEFAULT() ) {
+		printf(STDERR "Warning: It is atypical to test whether the %s branch is merged\n", BRANCH_DEFAULT());
 	if ( NamedBranchExists($b) ) {