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Emails from cronjob

Palmer, 2E0EOL
repo owner created an issue

I continually receive emails from the plugin when it runs as root, which it needs to do, to read tw_cli's output. The emails are from cron, because it has printed some output, which is actually for Nagios.

Can the code be altered to behave silently, or print the message on stderr, when run as the superuser?

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  1. Palmer, 2E0EOL reporter

    Changeset @92e5be755d97 did not fix the issue at all, I released @e109b6427585 in 0.1.4, which should resolve the issue, at least for normal, OK states. If you install the plugins on a machine without a controller, you will still get emails, so I won't close the issue yet, as we need a proper way to allow admins to install the plugins collection on machines without the controller.

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