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Welcome to OberChatten

OberChatten is a Win32 client for the OverChat service.
The service is an Open Source project and multiple parties run
servers.  The primary server which tracks the stable tree is at
'' and is hosted by Daybo Logic.  The service runs
on port 3277/TCP.

If you ever get a problem
connecting, visit to see if there is any
news.  Although the mailing list is updated much more frequently.

By default, this client comes with a set of chums (buddies) who you
communicate with if they are online.  It is also set up to log all
convrsations to a local directory for later review.  Keep an eye on for updates to this client, as it often updated and
occasionally the protocol gets major updates which might break older

To get started.  Visit and click on register.  A
will appear, from which you can select a nickname.

We use an INI file currently... but a tool for migration to the
registry will be supplied later.

Welcome to OverChat!!

 - David Duncan Ross Palmer
   Founding Father of the OverChat project
Version: PGP 6.5.8


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